Interrelated Independent Companies

Interrelated Independent Companies


We are an medical marijuana holdings company that was organized to hold in our corporate portfolio subsidiary companies that develop, operate and manage medical marijuana dispensaries, indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cultivation operations, manufacturing and processing facilities, operate distribution outlets, manage, market, promote and distribute medical marijuana brands, as well as develop ancillary services, and products to service the cannabis industry.

Emerald Thumb Industries is an assemblage of interrelated but independent companies providing innovative technologies and services to the medical marijuana industry. The Group’s technical services subsidiaries such as Emerald Energy, Pulp2Power, and Hygro Condo and Pod Pharms focus on building and designing energy efficient medical marijuana indoor and greenhouse mix light cultivation facilities. 

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Other important concerns is the heavy energy consumption cannabis has on the national grid, the environmental impact the industry has on our communities and the social equity aspect behind the entire Green Rush movement. To help answer those major industry concerns ETI has set up the Non Profit The Lula Blue Foundation.

As a vertically integrated company, Emerald Thumb Industries Inc will cultivate, manufacture, wholesale/distribute and retail a well-rounded suite of branded cannabis products including flower (medical marijuana), concentrates, edibles, and topical's. 

Headquartered in Colorado and operating in California, the company has plans to own subsidiaries that will owner manage and operate a rapidly growing California and national chain of retail cannabis stores, manufacturing/processing and commercial cultivation operations.

Operations up north where the bulk of the outdoor and greenhouse cannabis is grow, and down south in the desert where the bulk of commercial indoor and light deprivation growing is happening.

This way we will be able to have full access to the product at its main sources, as well as give us access to the entire state as far as distribution goes

Creating ancillary medical marijuana services, brands, and companies is our primary business purpose, while providing the expertise necessary to conceptualize, market, and promote these new premium Cannabis brands.