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PodPharms are patent pending designed cultivation buildings that are built using reclaimed shipping containers that would otherwise  sit rusting in America’s ports and rail yards. Each reconditioned container are tested and guaranteed to have structural integrity and then we outfit them with specialty, agricultural-grade computerized LED lighting, Computer controlled irrigation, climate-control and ventilation for a grow-ready, stackable, scalable, organic agricultural solution. These units can be designed to be totally self sufficient energy wise. Unit can be designed to use solar or designed using our patented aerobic bioreactor.

PodPharms are your park-n-grow agricultural solution for delivering high quality, locally grown, herbs and produce, which are free of pesticides or chemical additives and consumes only 20 percent of the water traditional growing methods require. Using no harmful pesticides or herbicides. Each PodPharms unit provides a fully customizable environment for hydroponic, aeroponic or soil-based growing and allows for cultivation of cannabis and a variety of other crops in each pod.