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Anaerobic Digestion Facility


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Anaerobic Digestion Facility

Anaerobic Digestion How It Works

Emerald Energy™ has the Only Full-Circle, Closed-Loop Organic Waste Recycling System Designed for the Marijuana Industry. 

Pulp2Power™ and Emerald Energy™ has the only renewable energy system designed specifically for this energy hungry cannabis industry. At the same time also helping food waste generators, such as grocery stores schools and restaurants, turn unavoidable food waste into expensive energy and organic fertilizer for use in the cultivation of marijuana. Here’s how Pulp2Power and Emerald Energy's revolutionary food waste recycling system works.

At an Emerald Energy™ Anaerobic Digestion Facility, organic waste is trucked in from local grocery stores, restaurants and cafeteria, schools and hospitals, cow, chicken and pig farmers. Just about anywhere organic waste is collected and pumped into specially designed holding tanks where this anaerobic digestion process occurs in airtight tanks.  

Step 1-3

  1. Organic food waste is collected and placed into the grind chamber. 

  2. Pulp2Power grinds food waste quickly and efficiently

  3. The resulting slurry goes into a holding tank. Here is where Anaerobic digestions a natural process where microorganisms break down organic material in the absence of oxygen begins. 


A liquid waste hauler transports the slurry to Emerald Energy's local anaerobic digestions (AD) facility.  The Solid and liquid organic waste material or “feed-stocks” are delivered via Pulp2Power™ organic waste haulers.   Typical digester feed-stocks include sewage sludge or “bio-solids”, food waste, FOG (fats, oils and greases), manure, energy crops and ethanol production byproducts. The material is macerated and blended into a homogeneous slurry and dosed into the system.  

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In the tanks, the material is kept at a consistent 100°F (mesophilic) and continuously mixed to maintain the optimal environment for anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria breakdown organic waste by feeding on the fats, proteins, sugars and starches over a period of twenty to thirty days.  The bacteria produce bio-gas which is typically composed of 60 to 65% methane, 30 – 40% carbon dioxide and other trace gases.  

Hygro Condo's™ Emerald City™ project with an in-ground bioreactor: 


The Emerald Energy™ Options

When captured via an Emerald Energy™ anaerobic digestor, methane becomes a sustainable renewable energy source and can be converted to electricity, heat, natural gas or motor vehicle fuel (CNG).

Above Ground Bioreactor:


Nutrient Rich Soil Supplement

The final product of the anaerobic digestion process is liquid effluent.  Digester effluent is rich in the nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – key ingredients found in fertilizers.   Marijuana cultivators across California will apply digester effluent to their grow operations at agronomic rates, sustainable delivering valuable nutrients and organic matter to crops.


High Value Alternate Fertilizer  

As commercial fertilizer prices fluctuate with petroleum markets, crop management solutions that are more reliable and more cost effective will give marijuana growers a competitive advantage by delivering the strong yields and stable soils they expect.  Emerald Energy's™ organic fertilizer is the solution.  Our organic fertilizers reduces costs by sustainable reclaiming nutrients from organic materials to make marijuana farmers more profitable and more secure.

Land Application Management


E. T. Organics™


Emerald Energy's™ leftover byproduct after the biomass (organic waste) goes through the bioreactor, is a nutrient rich organic fertilizer we market under the brand name E. T. Organics™. E. T. Organics™offers a full-service nutrient management program for our agricultural customers growing marijuana outdoors.  We will work with you to calculate agronomic nutrient application rates for your cannabis operations and conventional crop fields.  E. T. Organics™ is either directly injected into the soil or surface sprayed, depending on cultivating practices.  Use of E. T. Organics™ can offset your cultivating site's fertilizer requirements while reducing the cost to fuel and operate spreading equipment.  On average,  using E. T. Organics™ in place of traditional fertilizer products can reduce your annual costs and increase your bottom line.  


Dynamic stewardship

The health and quality of your soil is our top priority. E. T. Organics'™ fertilizer delivers valuable nutrients and organic matier to your fields - Replenishing them for the next generation.  E. T. Organics'™ fertilizer can help to position your marijuana cultivation operation for continued growth and prosperity in a changing environment.