Evelyn Anderson

Evelyn Anderson
brand Ambassador

My Industrial Pursuits

I own and operate ELA Consulting, where I provide implementation and design support to professionals desirous of building innovative business models. I also currently serve the people of San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura and Riverside counties as a Certified Core Adjunct Professor at National University. I teach in the Schools of Business, and Professional Studies where I provide instruction in the masters and undergraduate programs. I am a retired sergeant of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department where I served for over 22 years. I began my career as a banking industry leader where I served for over eight years.

My Education

I am currently pursing my PhD in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis in Educational Leadership, from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. I earned my Master’s in Business Administration and Graduate Certification in Sports Management from Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama. I received my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice Management from California Baptist University in Riverside California.

My Philosophy

I am a Transformational leader.  I endeavor to motivate others to reach their potential in an atmosphere founded on resilience, trust, and the formation of credible relationships. I endeavor to cause changes in social systems and in people that result in a positive impact to the trajectory of each. I am a creator I design ventures. I strategize the connections needed to implement ventures to fruition. I truly see diversity as the foundation of success, and I believe together there isn’t anything we cannot accomplish. I recognize I must be my own best critic, I incorporate a concept of self-evaluation in everything I do. I believe everyone’s voice matters and deserves to be heard.  None of us can survive without the other. We must all seek to develop cohesive relationships built on trust, credibility, conviction and passion.

My Accomplishments

My most remarkable accomplishments include the receipt of the Distinguished Service Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Sheriff’s department, for my design and implementation of the Los Angeles County Homeless Services program; in my academic pursuits I am most pleased with my designation as a Subject Matter Expert and Scholar in Urban Planning and Redevelopment, achieved for my successful design of National Universities accredited on-line course module.