Joel Jennings

Joel Jennings
Brand Ambassador

Social Equity Support Specialist

I’m a graduate of Central State University and I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology. While at Central State University I had the pleasure of playing Football for my collage. I also served our country as a proud member of the R.O.T.C program and ultimately the Army Reserve.
After leaving Central State University I hit the workforce concentrating on my passion- manufacturing. It was during this time I was given the opportunity to polish the leadership skills and techniques learned through the years spent in the military services.  I have over 15 years of supervisory experience, where I specialized in holding colleagues accountable to the strict standards laid out by the automotive industry.

Joe’s Testimony:

After seeing all the buzz going on about the medical cannabis and hemp industry, I started doing research on the cannabis industry trying to figure out how I could get into this new Green Rush everyone is talking about.
I have firsthand experience with some of the benefits of this wonder drug, I have a brother that is paralyzed from the neck down whom suffers from terrible spasms, and cannabis helps him take control over these spasms.

While surfing the internet I came across some information on Darryl Smith’s FB page discussing the opportunity of being a part of this wonderful opportunistic movement. I knew then that I had found my way in. More importantly I see the opportunity to help others get in and become aware, educated and at the same time financially benefit in this amazing new TRILLION dollar Green Rush!!