Philip A. Lockhart,

Philip A. Lockhart,
Brand Ambassador

Southern Region Senior Ambassador - Coordinator

Philip A. Lockhart, is a proud graduate of the class of 1990 from the oldest historically black private college in Wilberforce, OH. Mr. Lockhart obtained a BS in Finance with a minor in Accounting. He loved the class so much that he graduated with 30 more hours than needed within the same 4 year period.  After graduating Mr. Lockhart joined the Untied States Marine Corps during the Gulf War. Mr. Lockhart served his time for Country and used the GI Bill to obtain an MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2005.

Mr. Lockhart has well over 22 years of experience in Management, Sales and Marketing. They call him the 2 Million Dollar Man because of all the education, military training, and sales training that he's completed. Phil has held Sales Management Positions, Sales Representative Positions, and Marketing Positions for several Fortune 500 companies.

Phil has been in the car business for the past 9 years doing everything from sales, to internet sales to finance. As a pronounced expert on credit and helping people obtain the dream of car ownership. I found my true calling to help people in better situations.

Phil's ETI Ambassador Testimony:

I've known the Director of the Brand Ambassador's Division of Emerald Thumb Industries, Inc Mr. Darryl L Smith for 35 years. We graduated from the same High School in Detroit, MI. We pledged the same Fraternity Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc in 1989. And we graduated from the same College. Darryl knows me as well as anyone I know, so when he came to me with an opportunity to help the minority population, and it was in a booming industry like Medical Marijuana, I realize this is the best way to help my people achieve the financial success we all deserve.