Steven Releford

Steven Releford
Research & Development Brand Ambassador

Agriculture & Medical Specialist

Steven graduated from LA Lutheran HS in 1978, in Burbank, Ca. & then entered into Cal Lutheran University studied medicine. Medicine was to be his future career and as a result of his medical education became a Cardio-Pulmonary Technologist and Respiratory Therapist.

In 1987 Steven had served honorably and was released with a honorable discharge. Sgt. Releford had also sustained a spinal cord injury that later manifested itself as chronic pain syndrome.

Steven begin to study entrepreneurship and leadership. In 1996 in Los Angeles city Steven was hired as the project manager of a 45-million-dollar project. After a great success and 6 yrs later. Steven was burnt out. No more working for someone else’s dreams or another boss. After several multi-level marketing businesses and a couple partnerships.

In 2017 he was introduced to Veteran Business Action Committee and then to several training opportunities. And INTANDEM WEALTH STRATEGIES NETWORK Inc. a Gov. Procurement company specializing in Paint and coating was born and filled the gaps in R&D and in technical service with cost saving to the organizations. In tandem supports offices, projects, and personnel trainer with John Maxwell Certified Leadership training nationwide thru a network of trainers.

In 2019 I became introduced to Emerald Thumbs mission which was dear to my heart in several areas, first is to make an economic impact in the local community then to educate and promote products that empower the individual with alternative healing methods. Steven has grown medical marijuana since 2014 and made consumables, tinctures, salves oils and look for to working with other entrepreneurs and help build a company our community can be proud of.

Steven Testimony:

Joining Emerald Thumb Industries is a eminence honor and privilege. To be associated with men or women of vision and myself as an avid seeker of knowledge I have personally researched the cannabis industry for years. Unlocking the potential of the plant for health and commerce. I have confidence that all my other ventures will pale in comparison to the future of Emerald Thumb International. This venture will create a quantum leap in health and wealth for all those involved. The combination of visionaries and an emerging industry with limited pioneers willing to forge the way for the few, Emerald Thumb is that company. As a community we all will proper with ETI because of insight and foresight.