Emerald Thumb Distribution Inc

Cannabis distribution services for brands

Why Emerald Thumb Distribution ?

Emerald Thumb Distribution  has the fastest-growing network of dispensaries in Southern California with 200 retail dispensaries….and counting. But that’s not all. We also provide a host of value-added services to boost your product's performance in the marketplace.  

In addition to standard transportation and storage services, Emerald Thumb Distribution  also educates sales reps and budtenders about your products to improve sell-through, we list your product on our eCommerce store for easy ordering, we provide real-time visibility as your products move through the supply chain, and we deliver valuable data to make you smarter about which strains/products to focus on next. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Emerald Thumb Distribution.        

eCommerce Store   

Emerald Thumb Distribution is the only distributor that will have a simple but powerful online shopping experience for dispensary buyers. Your products listed on our store will only increase your visibility in the eyes of dispensary buyers.     

Budtender Education       

Budtenders wield enormous influence at the point of sale. Customers frequently buy the products that budtenders recommend. The purpose of Weed Cannoisseurs (™) program is to increase the frequency with which budtenders recommend your products.  

First, online courses are created for your product(s). Then, courses are shared with budtenders who agree to participate in exchange for discounts on your products, product samples, and swag. Budtenders who pass the course receive product samples and provide feedback about your product, which we share with you.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Emerald Thumb Industries will Catapult the cannabis industry forward by connecting suppliers and retailers to make them more compliant, efficient, and profitable. We accomplish this through innovative technology, in-depth training and education, efficient supply chain management, and reliable service.

The following principles represent our shared values:


Integrity means doing what we said we would do. Integrity promotes trust and dependability. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.


Knowledge is power. We believe in sharing knowledge by training budtenders about products and their medicinal benefits, and through sharing data and insights with suppliers and retailers in order to maximize sales through the supply chain.


Money saved is money earned. We believe in generating win-win outcomes by providing exceptional value to our ecosystem of suppliers, sales reps, and retail stores.


The state of the cannabis industry reflects the historically underground nature of the business. With California’s citizens voting to legalize cannabis, it's time to usher in the same level of convenience, reliability and service considered standard in nearly every other industry.

Management Team

Emerald Thumb Industries founding team brings more than 150 years of experience from a range of industries and disciplines including, medicine, cannabis, finance, marketing, sales, management, and clinical psychology.

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Distribution Services for Cultivators

You grow amazing flower. You feel that end consumers should know the name of your farm. You deserve credit for growing unique products that people enjoy. You understand that one day, big agriculture firms will enter the market and pay top dollar for recognized brands. 

You also understand that wholesale cannabis prices will steadily decline over the next several years as they have in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. And that a failure to establish a recognized brand will force you to compete on price. Branding is key to maintaining pricing power, and to avoid being marginalized.

You understand this, but you’re probably selling your flowers to distributors who do absolutely nothing to help you establish your own brand in the marketplace. They’re white labeling your flower which results in short term cash at the expense of long-term brand recognition. Without your own brand, you lose the chance to build a loyal customer base.  

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Enter Emerald Thumb Distribution


A one stop shop for branding, marketing, co-packing and sales. Emerald Thumb Distribution will work closely with you to develop your brand, and introduce it to the California marketplace so that you secure valuable shelf space in California dispensaries. Consumer demand for your brand will increase the value of your operation in the long term.

 How it Works

• Emerald Thumb Distribution will perform a market test by introducing samples of your product to 67 SoCal and NorCal dispensaries.

•Low, mid, and high price points will be tested in these store locations.

• Emerald Thumb Distribution will report back to you on the penetration rates and sales volumes at each price point to identify the optimal price for your brand to maximize shelf presence and sales.

• Emerald Thumb Distribution will offer an exclusive consignment deal to distribute your brand and will capture 20% of the price as our fee. 

•Provide Emerald Thumb Distribution with your artwork, and we’ll handle the heavy lifting of packaging and labeling your flower into your own branded packaging (bags or jars).

•Your product will be listed on the Emerald Thumb Distribution eCommerce website.

•Bud-tenders will be educated about your product via our Weed Connoisseur's Program.

•You will have complete visibility into the status of your products as they move through the supply chain.

Packaging Services for Cultivators 

Packaging your flower is necessary if you want to introduce your own brand to the marketplace. And having your own brand is the right call if you want to avoid becoming just another supplier of a commodity product.  

Problem is, no one wants to deal with the headache of packaging. Flower has to be painstakingly weighed, dispensed, labeled and sealed. While the packaging nightmare is often an impediment to launching a brand, it doesn’t have to be. Send Emerald Thumb Distribution your artwork, and we will handle the rest. You pay for the packaging materials and labor, we handle the workload. We’ll do the heavy lifting so that you can secure valuable shelf space under your own brand, while remaining focused on growing amazing flower.

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The Emerald Thumb Consignment Model

In a traditional cultivator/distributor relationship, the distributor has a strong incentive to minimize the price he pays for your flower. 

The less he pays you, the larger his profit will be. Sure, he’ll pay you in cash, but far less than the flower is worth.

As wholesale prices decline, as they have in every other legal market, you’ll be forced to lower your price in order to compete. 

A consignment model, on the other hand, aligns incentives..

Consignment creates partnerships because compensation is a fixed percentage of the sale price. The more money Emerald Thumb convinces dispensaries to pay for your flower, the more money we earn.

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Emerald Thumb Distribution Presents:

The Weed Cannoisseurs (™) Bud-tender Education Program

Bud-tenders are a key driver of product sales. They interact with several dozen potential customers each day, and their recommendations have an enormous impact on consumers’ purchase decisions at the point of sale.     

Bud-tenders are often uninformed  

While consumers heed their recommendations, the truth is, many bud-tenders know only a little bit more about the cannabis products they’re selling than their customers. They understand cannabis at the surface (ie the typical bud-tender can explain to a customer the effects of THC and CBD, or how an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid might make them feel). However, there are many layers of complexity to cannabis, including myriad terpenes and cannabinoids which, if understood by bud-tenders, would help customers discover the specific reasons why your product is a fit for a customer seeking a particular outcome.      

Weed Cannoisseurs (™)

Weed Cannoisseurs educational program helps bud-tenders to gain that next level of cannabis knowledge in order to make more informed product recommendations to customers. 

Here’s how the program works:

1.- Sign up with Emerald Thumb Distribution 

2.- Provide your brand story, product details, and competitive edge (ie what makes your product unique?)

3.- Our education team will create an online course with an exam section and will gain your approval before making the course live for bud-tenders

4.-  Emerald Thumb Distributions' sales team will introduce the Weed Cannoisseurs (™) educational program to bud-tenders who, once signed up, will have access to all existing courses and exams.

5.- Bud-tenders who pass the exam with 80% or higher will receive discounted products, samples, and swag from your brand.

6.- Bud-tenders who receive samples provide feedback which we share with our brands.

7.- Bud-tender recommendations for your products will increase as more bud-tenders pass your product exam 

8.- Enjoy a healthy sales lift. You’re welcome ;-).

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