Enter Emerald Thumb Distribution


A one stop shop for branding, marketing, co-packing and sales. Emerald Thumb Distribution will work closely with you to develop your brand, and introduce it to the California marketplace so that you secure valuable shelf space in California dispensaries. Consumer demand for your brand will increase the value of your operation in the long term.

 How it Works

• Emerald Thumb Distribution will perform a market test by introducing samples of your product to 67 SoCal and NorCal dispensaries.

•Low, mid, and high price points will be tested in these store locations.

• Emerald Thumb Distribution will report back to you on the penetration rates and sales volumes at each price point to identify the optimal price for your brand to maximize shelf presence and sales.

• Emerald Thumb Distribution will offer an exclusive consignment deal to distribute your brand and will capture 20% of the price as our fee. 

•Provide Emerald Thumb Distribution with your artwork, and we’ll handle the heavy lifting of packaging and labeling your flower into your own branded packaging (bags or jars).

•Your product will be listed on the Emerald Thumb Distribution eCommerce website.

•Bud-tenders will be educated about your product via our Weed Connoisseur's Program.

•You will have complete visibility into the status of your products as they move through the supply chain.

Packaging Services for Cultivators 

Packaging your flower is necessary if you want to introduce your own brand to the marketplace. And having your own brand is the right call if you want to avoid becoming just another supplier of a commodity product.  

Problem is, no one wants to deal with the headache of packaging. Flower has to be painstakingly weighed, dispensed, labeled and sealed. While the packaging nightmare is often an impediment to launching a brand, it doesn’t have to be. Send Emerald Thumb Distribution your artwork, and we will handle the rest. You pay for the packaging materials and labor, we handle the workload. We’ll do the heavy lifting so that you can secure valuable shelf space under your own brand, while remaining focused on growing amazing flower.