Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Emerald Thumb Industries will Catapult the cannabis industry forward by connecting suppliers and retailers to make them more compliant, efficient, and profitable. We accomplish this through innovative technology, in-depth training and education, efficient supply chain management, and reliable service.

The following principles represent our shared values:


Integrity means doing what we said we would do. Integrity promotes trust and dependability. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.


Knowledge is power. We believe in sharing knowledge by training budtenders about products and their medicinal benefits, and through sharing data and insights with suppliers and retailers in order to maximize sales through the supply chain.


Money saved is money earned. We believe in generating win-win outcomes by providing exceptional value to our ecosystem of suppliers, sales reps, and retail stores.


The state of the cannabis industry reflects the historically underground nature of the business. With California’s citizens voting to legalize cannabis, it's time to usher in the same level of convenience, reliability and service considered standard in nearly every other industry.

Management Team

Emerald Thumb Industries founding team brings more than 150 years of experience from a range of industries and disciplines including, medicine, cannabis, finance, marketing, sales, management, and clinical psychology.