Hygro Condo LLC was incorporated in 2016 in the State of Oregon. Our original principal office was originally located at 10260 SW Greenburg Rd.  Portland, and has since moved its operations into Colorado and California. Hygro Condo LLC is a developer of state-of-the-art cannabis condominium style grow condos. Hygro Condo's micro lab environments will grow vegetables, herbs and produce of all kinds, as well as cannabis. Hygro Condo's technology works with all kinds of agricultural products and is ideally suited for the California cannabis industry, which is expected to be worth $50 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Hygro Condo builds out existing commercial facilities, new construct conventional indoor facilities, and mix light and greenhouse contractors. We also sell our patented state of the art fully automated plug and grow PodPharms, constructed out of reclaimed/repurposed steel shipping containers. All facilities are built to cater to the legal medical and recreational cannabis industry. We own, lease, sell and manage multi-tenant properties not only just for growing, but also processing and manufacturing facilities and equipment acquisitions. Hygro Condo is acquiring and developing targeted commercial properties that can be utilized by the cannabis operator to fulfill their goals and profit for their investors from this newly regulated industry.
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Scalability and Ease of Acquisition

California voters approved recreational marijuana, but lawmakers are still working out regulations, including the question of whether to put a cap on the size of farms.
 Hygro Condo is the perfect solution for many growers and entrepreneurs. The cost of entry is remarkably low – especially compared to other forms of farming – and it is fully scalable. Expanding an operation is as simple as picking up the phone and ordering another container. Plus, we are the only scalable growing solution that is not affected by weather, seasons, or geography. A Hygro Condo's PodPharms can go anywhere – from an urban area, to a desert, to the mountains or the coast. 
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Hygro Condo LLC is a real estate purchaser, developer, general contractor, financier and managers of specific use industrial properties providing Condo style turn-key state of the art indoor grow pods constructed from repurposed shipping containers, regular commercial indoor cultivation facilities and greenhouse/mix light grow facilities to support cannabis cultivators nation wide. We build, own, lease, sell and manage one tenant and multi-tenant properties.  Hygro Condo LLC, hereinafter referred to as Hygro Condo, is not involved in the actual growing, distribution, or sale of Cannabis. 

Our business purpose is to provide the consulting expertise necessary for cannabis collectives to cultivate their own medical and recreational marijuana underneath a "closed loop" system as preferred by the states of Oregon, California, Colorado, and Washington. We are established to take advantage of the natural resources, expertise and growing market that is projected to be a $19 billion a year industry by 2021.  

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Proactively Looking For Acquisitions

Like during the Gold Rush days in 1840's California, Hygro Condo LLC is focused on a pick-and-shovel approach to participating in the exploding Marijuana Industry.  Hygro Condo LLC finances the purchase and/or development of properties by offering to investors as sponsor private placements, debt instruments, or limited partnerships. We believe there is a significant investor demand for such opportunities.   We are proactively looking into possible acquisitions in California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Nevada. As the climate changes in attitudes in other states such as Florida and even Texas, we already have prospective locations and strategic partners in mind to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.  

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Huge Grow Condominiums

Hygro Condos’ management team has a wide reach and experience in the commercial real estate industry as well as in the operations of cannabis businesses. This combination allows for knowledgeable and thoughtful solutions to meet the unique business and real estate needs of the industry. Hygro Condo LLC plans are to aggressively build millions of square feet of grow condominiums for this quickly growing  industry.   

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By partnering with a renewable energy company specializing in biomass energy solutions, solar energy solutions, and environmental engineering services, we will offer bioreactors that will fully power the cannabis Containerminium complex with energy.  

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Additional Revenue Streams

This will not only revolutionize the industry, it will captivate the most expensive aspect of indoor growing - electricity - and create an additional revenue stream. Thus, we will have control of the greatest expense of indoor cultivation - electricity, and most importantly, we will gain the revenue from the generation and sell of the additional electricity produced to the grid.  

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PodPharms Repurposed Steel Shipping Containers

The nature of capitalism, and the delicate balance of supply and demand, means that in order to increase supply, reduce consumer costs and stabilize the market, the best alternative is to create additional growing spaces. Xceligent Inc., commercial real estate tracker, estimates that marijuana cultivation and manufacturing facilities occupy approximately 4.5 million square feet in Denver alone – the equivalent of 78 football fields. How can demand for space quickly meet the increased demand for marijuana? Hygro Condo LLC cannabis condominiums are built using recycled shipping cargo containers, or as we have coined them, Containerminiums. 

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Stackable, Durable, Easy To Modify

There are several advantages to growing cannabis in our patented PodPharms. Shipping containers are durable, easy to modify, stackable and can be shipped anywhere. Additionally, there is an abundant surplus of unused shipping containers in the United States that can be recycled and refurbished at a low cost. At any given time, there are upwards of 700,000 unused shipping containers in the U.S. alone. This allows the flexibility to have a farm on the ground and growing within weeks, rather than the months or years required for traditional warehouse or greenhouse construction.   

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Totally Controlled Environment

Inside each recycled, insulated, steel container is a complete hydroponic growing system with all the components needed for commercial cannabis production.

  • Climate conditions and water quality are measured and controlled by in-pharm controllers to achieve optimal growing conditions, regardless of the exterior environment.

  • Environmental sensors balance temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.

  • Water quality is measured and controlled through temperature, Ph and EC sensors located inside the tanks.

  • Patented high-efficiency LED lighting system mimics sunlight and delivers the optimal wavelengths for uniform plant growth by providing crops with spectrums of red and blue - the light spectrums required for photosynthesis.

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Cultivating from seed to harvest allows for greater control over the cannabis supply and provides a clear story of exactly how the cannabis is grown - a regulation by most states laws. Hygro Condo LLC provide the perfect environment year-round with the use of climate controls, regardless of geographic location. Growing inside shipping containers maximizes space for cannabis production and creates a high density growing environment. The system is designed and engineered for easy operation allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing. This plug and grow product is the reason that growers will line up to lease our Containerminiums.

Using recycled cargo shipping containers is not just a novel green idea, but containers also allow for an almost limitless interior span to grow as the cultivator’s needs grow. The customized units would offer climate controlled,  year-round growing spaces with no set maximum space limits - accommodating large crops, water storage, processing facilities, pre-transport, storage and offices. Unlike conventional constructed warehouse space, which become exponentially more expensive with greater spans, using reclaimed and repurposed shipping cargo containers is a perfect solution for a quickly growing industry.

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The scalability of Hygro Condo LLC is unparalleled. It’s easy to add PodPharms as cultivators grow their business. With the unique ability to stack the shipping containers it allows you the ability to take advantage of vertical space that is otherwise unused on conventional farms or indoor grow facilitates, and costly to cool & heat. The entire cultivation cycle, from clones to curing, is laid out for an efficient process flow and maximum yields. We will provide you the ultimate indoor vertical farming solution – we build it, supply the energy, the growing supplies and state-of-the-art equipment; everything needed for successful harvests. All you do is “Plug and Play”!   

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