Cultivating from seed to harvest allows for greater control over the cannabis supply and provides a clear story of exactly how the cannabis is grown - a regulation by most states laws. Hygro Condo LLC provide the perfect environment year-round with the use of climate controls, regardless of geographic location. Growing inside shipping containers maximizes space for cannabis production and creates a high density growing environment. The system is designed and engineered for easy operation allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing. This plug and grow product is the reason that growers will line up to lease our Containerminiums.

Using recycled cargo shipping containers is not just a novel green idea, but containers also allow for an almost limitless interior span to grow as the cultivator’s needs grow. The customized units would offer climate controlled,  year-round growing spaces with no set maximum space limits - accommodating large crops, water storage, processing facilities, pre-transport, storage and offices. Unlike conventional constructed warehouse space, which become exponentially more expensive with greater spans, using reclaimed and repurposed shipping cargo containers is a perfect solution for a quickly growing industry.