Hygro Condo LLC is a real estate purchaser, developer, general contractor, financier and managers of specific use industrial properties providing Condo style turn-key state of the art indoor grow pods constructed from repurposed shipping containers, regular commercial indoor cultivation facilities and greenhouse/mix light grow facilities to support cannabis cultivators nation wide. We build, own, lease, sell and manage one tenant and multi-tenant properties.  Hygro Condo LLC, hereinafter referred to as Hygro Condo, is not involved in the actual growing, distribution, or sale of Cannabis. 

Our business purpose is to provide the consulting expertise necessary for cannabis collectives to cultivate their own medical and recreational marijuana underneath a "closed loop" system as preferred by the states of Oregon, California, Colorado, and Washington. We are established to take advantage of the natural resources, expertise and growing market that is projected to be a $19 billion a year industry by 2021.