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E. T.  Extractions provides precision single step production mobile extraction systems using patent pending technologies that produce higher yields of crude at faster rates. 

E. T. Extractions can save its clients floor space, process fees, utility fees, equipment cost and more, including minimizing by-product plant biomass produced and materials used in extraction recovery.

Extraction Services - What We Provide

E. T. Extractions' mobile, pharmaceutical grade extraction fleet will come right to your facility! We extract on-site, under your roof, with our CO2 Subcritical/supercritical oil extraction equipment. Our professional extraction team will travel to your facility and in just a few hours, we will leave you with a pharmaceutical and edible grade extracted oil that will be ready for testing, packaging and distribution.


CO² Extractions CDPHE Certified

CO² extractions done in E. T. Extractions’ mobile extraction fleet is the least-toxic form of cannabis concentrate extraction, CO2 (carbon dioxide) has a low environmental impact and nonexistent toxicity. The CO2 functions as a solvent when it is heated or cooled and pushed through the flower at high (supercritical) or low (subcritical) pressures.

Mobile Extraction Lab Technology Hitting the Cannabis Market with a Boom!


Making high-quality cannabis extracts from safely-extracted materials has never been cheaper, easier, or eco-friendlier. However, buying extraction equipment and building an extraction lab is still a lengthy, tedious, and expensive process. The typical extraction machine currently on the market is expensive, slow, and difficult to operate. This is especially true of CO2 extractions.

E. T. Extractions  has taken advantage of this gap in the industry by deploying mobile extraction laboratories to service the cannabis sector. The type of services which can be performed on these mobile platforms include: dehydration of plant material, cannabis grinding, solvent-based extraction and filtration, fractional distillation, and odor elimination systems (OES).

Most CO2 extraction machines on the market are “high temperature, high pressure. E. T. Extractions set out to redefine CO2 extraction by designing a new mobile extraction unit. Going mobile comes down to the size of the equipment, the energy footprint, and its ability to extract and simplicity to operate. By focusing on low-temperature CO2extractions, E. T. Extractions' mobile unit reduces the amount of power they consume, making the technology feasible.

Our team can have a machine set up in an hour, where a traditional extraction facility requires months of preparation and construction time. E. T. Extractions asserts that you can get a full return-on-investment from our mobile extractions systems within three months, depending on your cost of starting materials.

Mobile Testing Laboratories

We are also bringing mobile testing laboratories to market. Unlike mobile extraction facilities, however, mobile testing laboratories have a history of inadequate testing. The necessary assays cannot be performed in this setting, without extra diligence paid to proper instrument calibration and maintenance. Our exception to this rule is our mobile laboratories will operate in conjunction with a central facility and only perform certain tests in our mobile lab, the remainder being referred back to our headquarters.


A really interesting direction E. T. Extractions' mobile labs will take in the future is employing, which reduce extraction times and appropriate pressures, while simultaneously increasing extract quality.

Ionic liquids (IL) are molten salts which liquify when temperatures are below 100 °C. They are typically composed a large, asymmetrical organic cation (positively-charged species) bound to an organic or inorganic anion (negatively-charged species). Beyond their excellent chemical, thermal, and electrochemical stability, ILs are inflammable, and negligibly volatile.


In the biofuels industry, they are recognized for their excellent ability to solvate a wide range of compounds and materials, and have already been studied for the extraction of terpenes and cannabinoid-like compounds. Their selectivity as a solvent depends on their molecular make-up, and because ILs can be made from a large number of molecules in different combinations, it’s likely that very selective extractors of cannabinoids and terpenes can be found. The reason ILs have not been utilized more in biofuel and bio-based material R&D has been their expense.

Studies found exciting potential for the replacement of hexane (a six-carbon hydrocarbon with similar extraction properties as butane) in mobile facilities. It was concluded that “Ionic Liquids show considerable promise and with additional research it is expected that a specific ionic liquid can be identified which combines both high efficiency and speed of extraction”.

All extraction technologies represent a major investment in both time and money. Using a mobile extraction service is an excellent way for a company that exclusively deals with the cultivation of cannabis, to make their own extracts. These services increase the availability and access of extraction equipment to many entities who would otherwise simply not be able to or interested in creating their own extraction lab. Increased access means increased competition, but also lower prices and higher quality, which is good for the consumer. So honk your horn and snap a picture if you see a mobile extraction lab on their way to a job-site near you!

Delivering patented cannabis processing solutions right to your facility

Through E. T. Extractions' Mobile Extraction Lab, our specialized extraction technicians travel to licensed cultivation sites and deliver our patented cannabis processing solutions right at your facility. Our Mobile Extraction Lab offers you:

  • The ability to maintain all stages of production at your dedicated facilities

  • Direct access to industry expertise and state of the art equipment to streamline your business operations and reduce overhead

  • A convenient, cost-effective way to process your harvest into a profitable, premium products



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Highly concentrated THC or CBD distillate is odorless, tasteless, and standardized for potency. E. T. Extractions patented process will disrupt the production of infused edibles and beverages.

E. T. Extractions delivers its proprietary technology at both its Centralized Processing Facility and Mobile Extraction Lab onsite at licensed production facilities.

Through a combination of extraction, refinement and purification steps we create a distillate suitable for a variety of product concepts and methods of consumption

Our unique approach enables producers and cultivators to bring premium, differentiated products, including consumables and topicals to market safely and efficiently:





We are relentless in our pursuit of quality and are known for our ability to deliver above and beyond what is expected.


We have endless enthusiasm for our industry, and are constantly adding value through participation, collaboration and contributions in our personal and professional lives.


We embrace challenge and welcome change, because we know being open minded and adaptable allows us to act quickly when opportunity strikes.


Our team, and network represent diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. We share common goals, yet we seek out and value different perspectives and viewpoints.


We have the courage to pursue what has not been done before, and we are not afraid to be disruptive. To us, it is not enough to have great ideas, it’s about making them happen.


We follow through on our word, and proactively communicate when we need support. We are respectful when sharing and receiving feedback. Rather than dwell on the past, we stay focused on the future.



invest in business

SCIENCE AND INNOVATION FOCUSED. E. T. Extractions is first to market with disruptive, patented technology.

investing money

E. T. Extractions PATENTED PROCESSES will impact how vape pens, edibles, beverages and other value-added products are manufactured.


investment opportunities


There is an abundant supply of low-quality cannabis biomass, which E. T. Extractions will process into high-purity, high-quality oil, and isolate cannabinoids for proprietary formulations and delivery methods.

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Opportunity for EARLY MARKET LEADERSHIP in high-margin infused product manufacturing.


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SCALABLE WHITE LABEL PRODUCTION and toll processing solutions help increase speed to market for E. T. Extractions clients and customers.

HIGHLY-EXPERIENCED TEAM, with longstanding credibility in the cannabis industry, including notable leaders and pioneers.



Our E. T. Extractions Inc Board understands and acts on the fundamental principle that good corporate governance is critical to organizational success and the protection of shareholder value. We issued a new set of principles to govern the operation of the Board.

HIPAA Tracking

RFID is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data.

CO² Extractions

CO2 functions as a solvent when it is heated or cooled and pushed through the flower at high or low pressures.

Licensing & Operation

Company proprietary testing, labeling, packaging, tracking & production.

Mobile Extraction

We extract on-site, under your roof, with our CO2 Subcritical/supercritical oil extracting machine.

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