The  patented plastics lid meets the CPSC 16 CFR Part 1700.20 requirements.  It is a two-piece design, with one element attaching to the seam of the  can and the other rotating to line up arrows that will release the lid  from the can.

The  plastics element supplied by N2 can either be child-resistant or a standard over-cap. The company also provides plastics transparent cans for those who wish to see the product. 

Using  transparent plastic cans is not the preferred method of packaging as  plastic cans impedes some of the benefits of using the nitrogen and steel cans.  Plastics cans will be a long-term option for clients as more states are requiring opaque packaging. All lids are plastics.  The  role of the nitrogen should not be understated. Although air and light  are essential for life, they are the enemy of cannabis. 

Oxygen  in the air promotes the growth of yeast, mold and bacteria, none of  which you want to smoke. Exposure also leads to oxidation, which degrades both freshness and flavor. Bags and jars block out some of the oxygen, but the N2 Packaging canning process takes freshness a giant step further. As an inert gas, nitrogen has very low chemical activity, thereby significantly reduces oxidation inside the packaging. The packaging remains air-tight until you pop the top and get an aromatic burst of ripe, harvest-fresh, perfectly cured bud.