A major area in the cannabis industry worth watching are contract packaging companies. While growers are raking in the cash, much is slipping through their fingers. Ridiculously high taxes leave little behind, especially after high labor cost. To Emerald Thumb Industries it make plenty sense for contract packagers to specialize in this area of the cannabis market. We feel in the days to come it will be Contract Manufacturing Operations (CMOs) already serving the pharma and big cigarette companies market who bring contract packaging to the cannabis industry in a huge way. We feel this small portion of the cannabis industry will be a major factor in the cannabis business. A sleeping giant as this industry grows in size, strength and financial power.

One thing is for certain when it comes to cannabis packaging, and that is that we can expect change on a regular basis as regulations and demands transition. And as is the case with most products, cannabis will degrade over time when exposed to air and moisture, so whether it’s flower or concentrate, cannabis processor/manufactures of these brands are trying to find ways to preserve the product.

One company providing a solution to this end is Idaho-based N2 Packaging Systems, which supplies a steel can with ring-pull top cap and a snap-on plastics lid for reclose ability. After filling the cans with cannabis product, a liquid-dosing unit adds a small amount of nitrogen to replace oxygen in the can extending the shelf-life by a very impressive amount of time of 5 years or more.