Why is this degradation bad?

Light, oxygen, humidity, and temperature all combine to degrade cannabis flower, joint, or concentrate after repeated openings. Why is this degradation bad? Because it minimizes “the entourage effect,” says Honest Marijuana’s Web site. That is, it’s a combination of THC, CBD, terpines, etc., that contribute to the effect marijuana has, and if one component of that entourage is degraded, the overall effect is negatively affected. This affect is called the "Entourage Effect".

To preserve this “entourage effect,” Emerald Thumb Industries will package not only their own medical marijuana product using this n2 Pac System but we will private white label for other brands, or growers. All of their products distributed under the Emerald Thumb Industries branded label comes packaged in an easy-open steel can with a ring-pull end and a snap-on plastic lid for reclosure purposes. After the cans are filled they are placed beneath a liquid nitrogen dosing unit that adds a small amount of nitrogen (see video).

Then the ring-pull end is placed on the can and the can goes through a conventional seaming unit. The liquid nitrogen gases off and displaces residual oxygen content, reducing it from somewhere in the range up to less than 4%. This greatly extends the amount of time the product stays fresh.

Emerald Thumb Industries clearly seeks to appeals to a very specific breed of cannabis connoisseur. Great branding is all about telling a story, and Emerald Thumb Industries plans to tell a very compelling one. Each strain is unique, and our packaging ensures you get the strain that delivers the results and user experience the consumer pays for.