We recognize the importance of moving towards a better way to grow cannabis using the latest emerging technologies only recently coming on-line which now have reached the efficiency and cost requirements to be viable. We plan to expand our solutions-based model to more areas of global concern such as water, air, power-systems and health to name a few.

What can one PodPharm container produce for you?



  • $80,000.00 PER HARVEST 


Why shipping containers for grow rooms? Because they’re portable, secure and just the right investment size for an entrepreneur getting their feet wet in the cannabis/marijuana growing business.

Why cannabis? Because it’s lucrative for one thing. At four to five harvests per year, you’re looking at as much as over $320,000 in income per year from a single grow room pod.

Why PodPharms' Hygrotainer Grow Pods? Well, because we add the best, most innovative, well thought out features to our grow room-converted containers. And we give you the opportunity to add your grow room pod to an already thriving business that allows you to make a sizable passive income in the cannabis industry.

Can I grow anything besides cannabis and marijuana?  Yes! When you purchase your grow room pod with a GrowLink Computer Control Package and install in on your property, the LED lighting can be custom programmed for growing a wide variety of crops.

Sealed? Yes, sealed, because you can regulate and control CO2 levels, control the humidity levels, and minimize the danger of mold, contaminants and insects for any type of strain or crop.

What do you mean “portable”? Well, exactly that…it can be moved anywhere via flatbed truck or train. Just disconnect the electrical and water supplies and it can be transported to an alternative location.