Nursery PODS

Nursery PODS

Main units come equipped with the following:

Features: 40’x8’x9’ Hygrotainer (approximately 320 sq. ft.)

16 LED grow lights, 3-75-Watt LED ceiling fixtures with lockout switch located adjacent to the entrance of the main grow area (lockout switch is so that “white light” cannot be accidentally turned on during times that plants need to be in total darkness)

Integrated insulation/attachment package consisting of 2-inch thick polystyrene foam insulation panels with a double-sided 22-gauge steel skin on all sidewall, ceiling and partition walls of the container.

Panels are factory coated with solvent and water resistant white Kynar plastic, A custom manufactured wall/ceiling mount aluminum extrusion system that affixes the polystyrene insulation panels to the surfaces of the container.

Additionally, each extrusion has an integral T-Slot for convenient attachment of components and user-designated accessories, Epoxy, slip resistant floor coating in both classified space and non-classified area.

200 Amp main circuit panel with 40 spaces for breakers, 4-20 Amp, 110/120 Volt wall circuits with 20 receptacles, 8-20 Amp, 110/120 ceiling mount duplex receptacles to power 12-gauge THNN copper wire to each circuit, 1-inch