PodPharm Hygrotainers Software and System Control

The PodPharm Hygrotainers are driven by software, which allows you to adjust and manage every element of the growing system from a computer allowing you to adjust the lighting, CO2, Nutrients, PH, EC, Water Levels, Air Temperature, Humidity, Fans, Water Temperature, and Water Flow.

PodPharm Hygrotainers Details
PodPharm Hygrotainers uses a Carrier System and Modular Trolley. There are several versions of trollies, such as Medical Marijuana cultivators, manufacturing and extraction labs and testing labs, which provides the growers and other end users with flexibility to choose the suitable Trolley for their grow methods, extraction and testing needs.

Modular Trolley System (Medical Marijuana)
The Modular and Independent Rolling Trolley Systems are equipped with high intensity full spectrum LED lighting. Trollies can be conveniently used outside of the Container Farm and are also suitable for Basements and Warehouses.

Hygrotroller™: Microprocessor-based Precision Growing Controls

The Hygrotroller™ is a specially designed and developed PC-based proprietary sensor and control system, which monitors and regulates all the systems in a Hygrotainer™ container grow pod.

The Hygrotroller™ integrates and uses data from our proprietary HygroCurve vapor pressure deficit system for ebb and flood water distribution. Conventional NFT systems are in constant flow and operate 24/7, while HygroCurve ebb and flood water and nutrient distribution is responsive to the actual the environment around the plant. Rather than a fixed time and volume, the environment around the plant is monitored by a proprietary sensor and irrigation is based on the plant’s size, growth, metabolism and real time requirements.

The Hygrotroller™ is also responsible for monitoring and controlling CO2, pH, Humidity, Temperature and more. It allows for optimal growing conditions over time to be systematically reverse engineered and then programmed for more granular control than ever before possible.

Hygrorack™: The Most Advanced Platform for Horticulture

The Hygrorack™ is a proprietary, self-contained stainless steel rack system which can contain any number of vertical production and propagation levels. The number of levels is determined by the height requirements of the crop being produced. Each level of the 6’ to 8’ tall modular Hygrorack™ rack system contains an appropriate number of crop-specific LED fixtures. By combining these custom wavelength combinations, the LED lights in the Hygrotainer™ container can virtually alter the photosynthesis and/or photomorphogenesis response allowing controllable, predictable and more robust growth, resulting in higher yields in a shorter period of time than conventional production methods.

Stand-alone, fully self-contained Hygrorack™ rack systems can be installed and operated separately from a Hygrotainer™ container. Hygrorack™ rack systems can be remotely monitored and controlled just like a Hygrotainer™ allowing for many alternative uses. Restaurants can use Hygrorack™ to provide chefs with adequate quantities of fresh gourmet herbs, unique spices and heirloom vegetables for use in food preparation. Our Hygrorack™ rack system is perfect for schools: not only can students learn about sustainability, they can also enjoy the fresh healthy greens that they’ve grown. These racks can also be used in many other food service situations, such as the military, oil rigs, hospitals, etc.

Yield Analysis

Each of the five levels in the NFT Hygrorack™ include one level dedicated to propagation and four levels for production. A total of 10 Hygrorack™ growing stations in each Hygrotainer™ will produce plants in each cycle. In the ebb and flood system, 10 Hygrorack™, each with four production levels can produce a large number of plants in each cycle during the harvest year and also includes one level for propagation. 

PodPharms LLC has positioned itself to be a major player in the world of controlled environment agriculture and technology-based production. Over the past 3+ years we have committed a substantial amount of funding and resources to the development of the Hygrotainer™ containers, Hygrorack™ rack systems and Hygrotroller™ control systems. We have already developed a research collaboration with several industry leaders and we are in final negotiations with a major international manufacturer of LED lighting for horticulture. 


Food is an important issue that touches the lives of everyone, regardless of where they live. A mobile Hygrotainer™ container is a product with unlimited applications and a global marketing potential. For profit or nonprofit, philanthropy or sustenance, food remains an important global issue (including production, delivery, nutritional value, taste, cost, etc.). And the production opportunities generated by a Hygrotainer™ container consist of much more than food. The open source architecture of our patent pending system offers opportunities in the production of botanicals for flavors and fragrances, botanic based pharmaceuticals, clean production vegetables for oncology and pediatric uses, reforestation, seed sprouting, rooting cuttings, and much more. We believe that by introducing this system, we will provide a solution to production requirements that we are not even aware of. We’re confident that now that IT has been built, they will come.