The Advantages of PodPharm Hygrotainers

The Advantages of HygrotainersPlug and Play
The basic container uses a “plug and play” concept and allows quick and simple installation of the container on site meaning you can be harvesting within a month of delivery. Just connect the Pod to a water and electrical source and start growing over 150 varieties of plants. PodPharm Hygrotainers manufacture lead time will be 6-8 weeks.  

Modular Container 


PodPharm Hygrotainers allows optimization of space and expansion of the growing area. It can be stacked high and wide to accommodate a growing demand.


PodPharm Hygrotainers Trolley System
The Hygrotainer Trolley System provides flexible and moveable functionality. This system can be easily wheeled in and out of the Pod for planting, cleaning and harvesting which in order to maximize the time of grow box operation cycle.

PodPharm Hygrotainers Full Spectrum Grow Light
PodPharm Hygrotainers is fitted with our specially designed LED lights giving growers an unprecedented ability to control their plants’ lighting environment. The spectrum can be tailored to suit the requirements with ‘plant recipes’ enabling semi-automated delivery of the exact spectrum and. (?)