The FlowerPOD-40

Working with a tight budget? Leasing your space? FlowerPod-40 is the answer. Consider the mobile chassis option. We provide both a portable and permanent solution for your cultivation needs. Our 16×40 model has the best ROI and can pay for itself in as little as 3 harvests.

Our PodPharm Hygrotainers is a fully functional farm that is constructed inside a converted 40ft shipping container. It is equipped with the latest LED lighting, Climate Control computer and Aeroponic or Hydroponic grow systems. The PodPharm Hygrotainers can be separated in two sections: Carrier system section (Container) and moveable Trolley System section.

Double Wide 16x40 model


The PodPharm Hygrotainers enables growers to easily plan their year-round production using the Climate Control computer to control the environment inside the container through our WIFI enabled software. All crops grown are consistently high quality and fresh. The container’s closed loop system keeps the crops pest free, eliminating the need for herbicides and pesticides. Plants are fresh, flavorsome and available 365 days of the year.