HERE’S A BRIEF LOOK at how marijuana stacks up as a crop:

• Sales of legal marijuana in North America in 2017: $9 billion 2018 estimate: $11+ billion

• Ranking in agricultural crops in terms of energy use: 1

• Number of states that have legalized marijuana for medical and or recreational use: 28 and the       
   District of Columbia 

• Average number of kilowatt hours it takes to grow 5 pounds of marijuana annually: 13,000 hours

• Average number of kilowatt hours a U.S. residential utility customer used in 2015: 10,812

• Average annual kilowatt hour usage of a Maine residential utility customer: 6,672

• Average cost of a Maine residential utility customer’s monthly bill: $87

• Typical monthly bill for three medical marijuana caregivers growing together in Maine: $4,000

• Number of caregivers already allowed to grow marijuana in Maine: More than 2,700

• Number of Maine dispensaries for medical marijuana: 8

• Square footage of plant canopy allotted for retail marijuana cultivation under the new recreational marijuana legislation: 800,000