Our Core Is Community

At  ETI We Are Dedicated to Giving Back to Our Communities. ETI founding  team has philanthropically donated to and led the march with numerous  organizations that support those who need medical marijuana most.  We  aim to identify, operate and serve in communities where we can deliver  the most substantial economic impact.

ETI  also is a strong supporter with other advocate groups and organizations across  the country concerned about fixing a broken criminal justice system and  reinvesting  in poor and minority communities that have been battered by decades of  the government’s war on drugs.  


ETI  sees the importance of taking supportive actions, measures with collaborating with various long-standing organization focusing on the social justice and  civil rights issues of those wrongfully affected by the “War on Drugs”  policy within the poor and undeserved communities and will support  awareness and entrepreneurial efforts to help rebuild and revitalize  communities across the nation. Some of our collaborative partners are ACLU and NAACP.