Statewide Coverage

Statewide Coverage     

Emerald Thumb Industries will cover the entire state of California by forming partnerships with licensed facility owners strategically located in NorCal (Emerald Triangle) and SoCal (Coachella Area) in order to offer seamless distribution of your products throughout the state.       

Shop Wholesale Cannabis  

Emerald Thumb Distribution carries a extensive product portfolio which includes flowers, concentrates, edibles, dosables, and accessories from award-winning brands. Bottom line is, these products sell. And that’s good for your bottom line.     


Imagine a complete inventory management solution that delivered exactly the products you need for the next one to two weeks, within 48 hours guaranteed.    

Emerald Thumb Distribution creates an efficient supply chain by acting as the intelligent hub sitting between retail dispensaries and the brands who cultivate and manufacture the products they sell. Emerald Thumb Distribution uses machine learning technology that analyzes point of sale transaction data from our network of dispensaries, and predicts, (and prevents), out-of-stock events from occurring.       


Emerald Thumb Distribution's account reps make sure you always have the product you need, just in time. Our reps are intelligent, reliable, attentive, and accessible. And they make it a habit to check in regularly to showcase the latest and greatest cannabis products across all categories.         


Knowledge is power. If you are ready to take your store to the next level, you need insight. To gain insight, you need the kind of data only a world-class Point of Sale system can provide.      


Drive more sales through our complimentary product training sessions for your budtenders.     


To run your dispensary efficiently, you need to strike a balance between buying too much inventory (which ties up precious capital), and not enough inventory (which results in lost sales). Emerald Thumb Industries guarantees delivery of the products you order within 48 hours, ensuring that you never run out of product.                                    

Emerald Thumb Distribution provides a comprehensive selection of leading medical cannabis brands, offering retail partners the ability to streamline purchasing and receiving.  

When you take advantage of Emerald Thumb Distribution’s one-stop shop, you have more time to devote to customers, compliance, and running a profitable dispensary.  

Emerald Thumb Distribution is committed to delighting your customers with our innovative selection of established brands and exciting new offerings.  

From our user-friendly order interface to our reliable delivery service, Emerald Thumb Distribution provides professional, personalized service. Our secure warehouse is both temperature and humidity controlled, ensuring that your dispensary receives only the highest quality, fully compliant cannabis.  

Emerald Thumb Distribution also offers low minimum orders and frequent deliveries, which means you can maintain consistent supply of medical cannabis while at the same time reducing your investment in inventory.