The Brand Cockpit (COMING SOON)

Data is critical to our brands' success, therefor you need to be in full control of all the data you can get on your company. We're creating a modern supply chain powered by real time data. Emerald Thumb's brand new  feature: The Brand Cockpit.  The Brand Cockpit is where you’ll view real time statistics on your product’s performance as they move through each stage of the supply chain. Putting you exactly where you needed to be, with your products you bring to market, in the Cockpit.

We listened to you, and added new features requested directly from our vendors. Very important date crucial to the success of any cannabis operation. Information such as:  

Status Updates on:  

•Scheduled for pickup 


•Quarantine/Lab Testing 

•In Storage 




Key Metrics data such as: 

•Share of market % 

•Which stores were approached/received your product samples 

•The conversion rate of samples given to orders placed 

•Who ordered and why 

•Who didn’t order and why 

•Budtender Feedback 

•Budtenders/retailers who took your course 

•Budtenders/retailers who passed the exam 

•Budtender Pass/Fail rate 

•Active retailers # •Repeat customers % 

•Which specific stores are placing repeat orders 

•Average monthly order volume •30 day forecast 

•Money you’re owed 

•Recommended next shipment (the units/pounds Emerald Thumb Distribution will need for 45 days) 

•Next shipment date.

These data points will be delivered via a weekly Brand Cockpit Email Digest once this  feature is live.